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V33-48 Humicap/hygristor type Temperature and humidity controller

1¡¢Temperature accuracy:¡Ü¡À1£¬Humidity Accuracy:¡À3%
2¡¢Temperature range 0~50¡æ£¬Humidity range 20~95%
3¡¢Humidity ON/OFF control ,Relay output for dry
4¡¢Temperature ON/OFF control,Relay output for heating or cooling

GT Series Super Easy Setting Temperature PID Controller

1¡¢PV/SV DualBig Display(3-digits)
2¡¢PID Fuzzy Control
3¡¢Alarm Output
4¡¢Easy Setting

MY06 Micro processor PID controller

1¡¢Integrated display
2¡¢Remote Setting
3¡¢The valve position feedback indication
4¡¢Universal input, transmission output
5¡¢Digital communication

TS8E£¬EM05 Cost-effective PID temperature controller

1¡¢ Automatic calculation
2¡¢ Fuzzy control
3¡¢ LED bargraph indicator
4¡¢Universal input, transmission output
5¡¢Digital communication

      Cost-effective PID temperature controller
      Indicatingand alarming instrument
      Double input bit type instrument
      MG series specification
      16 circuits sequence monitor and 6 circuits PI controller
      Temperature and humidity controller
      Micro Processor Up/Down Counter
      Micro Processor Timer Relay
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