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    MJ701/MJ 501Features:

    1.3-channels count output

      Sp1 normal count output/BA1 batch count output/SU1 totalize countr output

    2.alarm premium output/SP2 ON/OFF alarm output

    3. Pv2 display selecbable:  

    Sp1 set value/ batch value / totalizing value

    4.Count input(Int):   

    NPN single phase up(IN1)OR down(IN2)count(Up/Down counting seclectable)

    5. Quadrasture 90(1N1/1N2)UP/DOWN count

    6. Value:Count/reverse count

    7. Multiplier range (nuL):0.0001-99.9999

    8. Bacth division(BAP):1-999999

    9. Frequenc:1-5000HZ

    10. Power failure:Yes/No

    11. output reset time:0.01-99.99sec

    12. output control:Manual clear / self-cleaning reset

    13. Output mode:6

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